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This semester, I will be taking A&P II and Statistics.  That means that the OMP YouTube page will surely have new anatomy videos added to it over the next four months.  Soon enough, I will be tested on the circulatory system, which is a great topic to learn for those that are working for retinal specialists.  There are already some great videos added that delve deeply into the nervous system.  Enjoy!


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Intro Post!

I’m a newly certified COA, but I can tell you that I have learned a lot so far in this field.  I’ve worked as a tech, scribe, surgical counselor, front desk check-in and check-out person, and have pre-authorized more patients’ insurances than I can count.  I’ve worked in a big corporate facility with multiple physicians, and for a traditional doctor in a small practice.  Both environments were fast-paced, which is great because I learned everything I could have in the time that I was with them.  However, I have not seen it all, as there is always something new to learn in this ever-adaptive specialty of ophthalmology!

James E. Croley, III, M.D. is the most honest and innovative ophthalmologist that I have met.  I respect him not just for being brilliant and kind, but for his never-straying passion to help others, and his sincere intolerance for BS.  For more about the great practice I work for, follow any of these links:

I told you he was innovative 😉

I created this resource on the web for OMP to read and watch and study, since when I needed it the most, I was forced to turn to real people and have face-to-face training sessions when I needed help learning something new.  After hours, however, I wanted more.  Sure, there are tons of great books that teach what to study on the JCAHPO exams.  Believe me, I used them.  It just so happens that when I read ten or so pages from a book, I fall asleep.  But, with the aid of computer screen-induced stimulation and a bottle of artificial tears, I have discovered that studying online is for me.  Since I love teaching, this blog was inevitable.

I also have a YouTube page:

My OMP YouTube^ is for us, the Ophthalmic Medical Personnel.  Training videos instruct clinical OMP to do job tasks, however there is MUCH more than that to be found there.

I first collected those videos when re-learning my position after a brief hiatus from health care.  After a while, there were so many videos that I just had to share them.  I don’t get anything from YouTube for endorsing other peoples’ uploads, but it is important to learn what we can, whenever we can, if it will help us become better at what we do.

As I study for higher JCAHPO certification, I will add new videos to the OMP YouTube and update here as well.  In time, I will shoot my own videos.  But until then, I hope you enjoy the posts, and that you can learn something new as our blog grows!