OMP Links

Here is the link to the main OMP YouTube page.

The collection has grown large enough that it has become an organized study resource for anyone working as an ophthalmic assistant.

There are many great videos which helped to reintroduce me to ophthalmology a couple years ago, then pass the COA Exam.



*COT Study Links Listed on OMP YouTube Page*

Understanding Prism

ATPO Goldmann Visual Fields

B-Scan Ocular Ultrasound

FA Phases & Interpretation

Intro to Polarized Light

A-Scan Biometry

Keratometry Review

MedRounds Ocular Anatomy

There is a maximum quantity of outside links Google will allow on the YouTube Page, so those listed above are my top picks.  However, there are many more helpful resources available on the web, such as these:

*Additional COT Study Links*

Intro to Safety Glasses

OSHA Eye and Face Protection

Snell’s Law on Khan Academy

Physical Behavior of Waves

Light Change Through Media

Vertex Distance Conversion Table

Fluorescein Angiography Quizzes

FA PowerPoint Slides

Corneal Pachymetry

AAO Pachymetry Article

Physics Videos for Optics/Ultrasound

Effective Perimetry

Visual Field Testing Review

Essential Perimetry Book

Free Ophthalmology PowerPoints

Retinitis Pigmentosa Links

About Rheumatoid Arthritis

Fitting Spectacles

Cranial Nerve Function

Systemic Diseases and the Eyes

Ophthalmic Pathology

Quizlet – Test Yourself


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