COT Study Materials: The Foundation

Get the flash cards.  Order them from JCAHPO/ATPO or find them online or from another tech.  Just flipping through those babies has shown me that I am about 30% prepared to take the COT Exam.  You’d be surprised what you don’t know because the COT tests across multiple specialties.

There are guaranteed to be entire subject areas not solely reviewable by clinical experience, so don’t get proud!


The Ophthalmic Assistant, ISBN-13: 9780323033305 is an incredible resource.  Each chapter is relevant in some way to ophthalmic assisting.  The book audience is the student, whom is expected to grow exponentially with each coming chapter.

Overlapping subject areas repeat information in the appropriate chapters.  This an invaluable quality to those who do well with tons of repetition and also to students who prefer to thoroughly study one subject at a time.  However, the constant review may drive more experienced students bananas if they have progressed to skimming over known material.

Lots of online reviews by techs in COMT programs have sited this as their main study resource, so I was immediately sold.  One person even complained that more JCAHPO test prep was provided by using this book than anything the teacher had provided.

This book was also great for the JCAT, the test available for purchase by JCAHPO/ATPO as an Independent Study Course.  I found this to be much more than an introduction as I continue to learn from this 871-page monster.


Eye Technician Study Notes, ISBN: 9781482570878

This is for the skimmers.  It’s suited for the student ready for a straight to the point review.    Facts are listed one by one, without conflicting information or fancy page filler.

There’s no test included, but you don’t really need it to test your knowledge here.  I’ve been using a highlighter for new information.  I advise making flash cards by hand to memorize and review what was learned from the book.

Each fact isn’t labeled to the specific exam, however the topic difficulty increases recognizably from intro to advanced levels.

Author Diane C. Farmer, COMT has passed the COA, COT, and COMT, so she most definitely knows what material is clinically relevant for every test from the COA through the COMT.

I highly recommend studying this with the JCAHPO/ATPO COT Flash Cards.

They really go hand-in-hand.


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