Schedule & Accountability to Study for the COT

To hold myself accountable and to my desktop PC, I wrote up a weekly outline based on the JCAHPO content areas beginning this August.

The dates count down to a COT Exam Prep Course taught by the amazing Sharon Alamalhodaei, COMT.

I’ve learned from a few of her lectures at the annual JCAHPO/FSO Masters in Ophthalmology CE meetings.  Sharon is a talented presenter and passionate teacher, so I am very excited to attend her prep course this October!

Conveniently, her prep courses actually come with a whole month of free one-on-one help via e-mail, Skype, or phone, so I know that I won’t feel too lost.

I want to be very prepared to ask lots of questions and have my subject weaknesses exposed so I can focus on the last of what needs improvement right before the test.

COT Exam Study Schedule by Topic:


I aim to sit for the COT Exam sometime in November, hopefully the week before Thanksgiving, right before things get crazy schedule-wise.  I know I’ll have to wait for the results in the mail and schedule the Skills Evaluation, so that should occur before or sometime in January if I don’t have to re-test & the timing works out.

My eligibility to take the COT begins in on July 31st, the day I return from a week long vacation.  I’ll have my sponsoring ophthalmologist sign the application right away for motivation, but hold onto it for a month before submission so that my November window of opportunity doesn’t close on me.

So far, I think I’ve gathered all the information I will need for the test.  I have books, flash cards, two JCAHPO refinements, and some free-with-membership ATPO CE classes to take.

Also, my boyfriend helped me paint my study room.  I hung up a curtain and rearranged things to be distraction-free.  I designated a study folder or two and gathered some highlighters and office supplies.

Other that that, as long as I can stay focused, I think I can do this!


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