A Step Toward Relevance

A Step Toward the Easel

So that I may separate my online worlds of art & ophthalmology,

I have made another blog called:  Jessica’s Portraits.

For all that are interested, click on the link or the photo above to go to the page.  Right now, it’s just a shell, begging to be filled with art.  There, I will post updates on illustrations, web design projects, charcoal drawings, paintings, and of course portraits.

Both pages will remain active, yet focused on relevance.

For OMP,

I have begun organizing my study material for the COT and will begin posting new study guides as soon as they are ready.

Right now, I am working on a PowerPoint video presentation about the eye muscles.  The script is about half-way written, which isn’t bad considering the potential of depth for the topic.  To stay within YouTube time guidelines, the total content will be divided into two parts, with CN II-VI and the Visual System as the second topic.

This project will take a while because I am avoiding copyright infringement by illustrating all of the diagrams.  The goal is to provide an OMP and undergrad.-level tutorial that really helps people learn the material.

I promise it won’t be too sophomoric, however I do have a sense of humor like Kurt Vonnegut, so be prepared for honesty.


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