Thanks to the Non-Clinical Staff:

The clinical staff gets to have all of the fun. 

We meet the patients, discern the course of each work-up, and get to play with all the point-and-shoot microscopes.  On great days, we even learn something new.

I’d like to take a moment to thank the non-clinical staff for making all the magic happen!

Triage coordinators write the schedule, which at first might not sound so crucial.  However, the organized miracle workers in my office transform the most seemingly impossible patient load into a productive, laminar flow.  Without a person to reschedule the late folks and know when to squeeze in the urgent cases, every day would just be a mess.

The Receptionist/Check-In Clerk is the first person to hear the crazy, lengthy stories that are soon summarized into the obscure, vague, insurance-relieving chief complaints the techs get to narrow down.  Without that initial filtration, it would take all day to get a patient to say, “eye exam.”

The Bill Collector/Check-Out Clerk comes in each day wearing a bullet-proof vest and ensures the sanctity of our payments.  Some patients don’t want to pay for serviced rendered, but they will!  And they shall return with a smile!  Without such great customer service, patients wouldn’t know to refer a friend.

The Payment Posters carefully file through all the tedious paperwork that essentially keep the lights on.  Be it via hard copies or software, a balanced budget is a happy budget.  Without their hard work, it would be quiet around here.

The Optician excites the patients about their next pair(s) of glasses.  After all, an expert fit is not all the patients need.  They walk out the door wearing a momentum of excellent patient care.  Every time a person compliments a pair of our glasses worn by a patient, that person is prompted to tell the tale of his/her experience with the entire team!  Without that last friendly smile from our optical staff, who can say what they will remember?

Last, but certainly not least,

The Office Manager/Administrator is Human Resources, also known as the peacemaker.  He/She hand picks the personnel for each individual work station and appreciates every contribution.  The administrator wears many “hats” and skillfully balances every responsibility, including those of every team member.  Without a kind, respectable leader, the mission is not as clear.

Thanks again to all of you wonderful non-clinical team players!

There are endless reasons why without each and every one of you, we would be so lost.

Is there anything you would like to say?


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